The Dangers of Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding

Posted on December 16, 2023
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I was at work yesterday when a lady was rushed into my unit. They brought her with a complaint that she had bled for two weeks. She came in in a very unconscious state and almost at the point of death.

God being so good, we are able to bring her back to consciousness after all the resuscitation and management that we performed on her. 

Hello, I just want to tell you that bleeding for more than seven days is never normal.

It is not a continuation of your menses or your next menses that has arrived.  Whenever you bleed for more than seven days, do visit the nearest health facility. When you bleed for more than seven days, you lose a lot of blood. And losing a lot of blood leads to what we call severe anemia or low blood level. 

And severe anemia can decrease the oxygen levels that travel to vital organs such as your heart, which can lead to heart failure. So the next time that you bleed for more than seven days

or hear a friend saying she has bled for more than seven days, do encourage her to visit the nearest health facility. 

My name is Midwife Faustina, your woman's health coach drew .

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