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  • Vaginal Candidiasis Part three
    Posted March 5, 2024
    Vaginal Candidiasis Part three

    Now in this third Series, I'm gonna talk to you about a few home remedies that some people claim can help prevent or even treat candidiasis…

    • Vaginal Candidiasis Part two
      Posted March 5, 2024
      Vaginal Candidiasis Part two

      This is part two of our series on vaginal candidiasis. Now if you have candidiasis, what are some of the things that you'll be experiencing…

    • Vaginal Candidiasis Part one
      Posted March 5, 2024
      Vaginal Candidiasis Part one

      So today I want to talk about vaginal candidiasis or what we call whites or sometimes we call candy. Now candidiasis is caused by a type of…

    • The Dangers of Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding
      Posted December 16, 2023
      The Dangers of Prolonged Mens…

      I was at work yesterday when a lady was rushed into my unit. They brought her with a complaint that she had bled for two weeks. She came in…

      • Understand your Fertile Window
        Posted December 15, 2023
        Understand your Fertile Window

        Discover the power of knowing your fertile window. It's the secret to boosting your chances of conception.

      • How to Calculate your Fertile Window
        Posted December 15, 2023
        How to Calculate your Fertile…

        Understanding when you ovulate is the key ti informed choices, whether its planning for a family or managing contraception.

      • Understanding Menstrual Irregularities
        Posted December 15, 2023
        Understanding Menstrual Irreg…

        I get asked about menstrual irregularity or irregular periods in my inbox so many times. Now, when it comes to periods and the length of yo…

      • Take Charge of your health
        Posted November 26, 2023
        Take Charge of your health

        What's that favorite food you like, even though you know it's not good for your health? indomie, kelewele, or ice cream? Everyone has favor…

      • Understanding Your MenStrual Cycle: A Guide to Female Wellness
        Posted November 26, 2023
        Understanding Your MenStrual …

        Understanding your menstrual cycle is key to making informed choices about your health, mood, exercise, and sex life. Notice any changes in…

      • The Rising Costs of Dialysis in Ghana: A Call for Kidney Health Awareness
        Posted November 26, 2023
        The Rising Costs of Dialysis …

        If you are living in Ghana, I'm thinking by now you've heard that the price of dialysis has doubled. For those of us who don't know what di…

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