Vaginal Candidiasis Part three

Posted on March 5, 2024
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Now in this third Series, I'm gonna talk to you about a few home remedies that some people claim can help prevent or even treat candidiasis.

Dr Nana K Again, now I'm continuing my series on vaginal candidiasis or candy. And in my first video, I talked about what vaginal candidiasis is, talk about the things that can make it more likely for you to get candidiasis. And then in my second video, I spoke to you about the symptoms, the things that will happen to you if you have candidiasis, and how we can treat and prevent ourselves from getting candidiasis.

Now I'm just sharing this information with you. It doesn't necessarily mean that I endorse any of these methods, but you might try them and they might even help you. Alright? Nothing works for everybody, but you can try a few things if they're available.

Many of these things may be foreign to you depending on where you are watching from. 

So the first thing that um, people claim helps is taking Greek yogurts. Alright? So that's not just your normal yogurts, but Greek yogurts. And when it comes to Greek yogurts, not the flavored ones but the sugar-free type of Greek yogurts, usually the plain ones. Alright? Um, people have found that it contains certain things called probiotics. These are types of bacteria that are good and can help keep the candida in shape.

So by using that one, some people,  drink it, and getting into their system has been found to be helpful with a few people who are suffering from candidiasis. 

Now, another one that you can use is essential oils. And this essential oil is the one of Oregon. Now, when it comes to essential oils, it's important to know that essential oils are all about inhaling them. It is aromatherapy.  

So it doesn't mean you get the essential oil and you're going to apply it inside your vagina. No. So you're supposed to only use it for massaging your skin so that as you're going through the day you'll be inhaling the essential oil and that's the essential oil of Oregon. 

Now we have probiotics, suppositories, and supplements. Okay? So people have done, uh, specialized um, suppositories or tablets that contain lactobacillus.

It's a special type of bacteria that normally grows in a vagina and has a good number of health benefits. Okay? So it helps puts your digestive system as well as your vagina back into that balance that prevents you from having overgrowth of the candida, which causes uh, candidiasis. Alright? 

Now another one that people have talked about is coconut oil. Now coconut oil has several health properties and some people use it for cooking and it also has some effects against candida.

Alright, so people use this one and they actually can apply the coconut oil to the vagina and they say it helps with relief of the symptoms. 

Now another oil that people use is T tree oil. Now, quite often we find T tree oils in some of our uh, pomades. We find it in some soaps as well. So it's been found to have some activity against bacteria. Okay? So, um, you can just use it and apply it, dilute it with some other oils, and then apply it to the area. Some people have even designed special T tree, um, vaginal tablets where you can insert it into the vagina. Okay? So that one has been nicely packaged and you can use it. 

Now another common remedy is that people use is apple cider vinegar. Alright? So vinegar, as you may already know, people have been using it for a whole lot of things, weight loss, general health, and all that.

But it's been found out that if you even dilute a bit of apple cider vinegar, leave it in the bathtub and soak yourself in for about 20 minutes. It's been beneficial and found to help flush out bad bacteria which helps the overgrowth of vaginal candidiasis. 

Now another common one that people have used is garlic.  Now in Africa especially, we already like a lot of garlic in our food, but some people chew garlic raw.

So if you want to use garlic to try and treat a yeast infection, just simply add more garlic to your diet Or if you can buy garlic pills, then you take the garlic pills, that one is better than chewing garlic and then having that offensive smell. Okay? 

But I don't personally recommend you insert raw garlic into your vagina because it may end up causing burns and irritation and making your vagina more sore.

 Now hydrogen peroxide is something else that people have used diluted in water and used to apply to their skin around the vagina and all those things, but you need to dilute it because hydrogen peroxide can burn. And if you're not careful, if you don't dilute it, it'll even change the color of your hair and give you blonde hair down there. 

 Now, other things like vitamin C, once again, help boost the immune system so you can, that's why fruits and vegetables are important, but if you're taking vitamin C daily as well as vitamin E, all these have been found to help improve your immune system and help reduce the growth of vaginal candidiasis.

So thank you guys for your attention. if you have any questions, you can drop in the comments. This is Dr. Nana K, Thank you so much for listening.

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