The Rising Costs of Dialysis in Ghana: A Call for Kidney Health Awareness

Posted on November 26, 2023
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If you are living in Ghana, I'm thinking by now you've heard that the price of dialysis has doubled. For those of us who don't know what dialysis is, when your kidneys are not functioning anymore, ultimately the solution to that is kidney transplant. So until you can find a kidney for the transplant, there is a machine that we hook you up to that is supposed to do the work of your kidney for the meantime.

That is what is called a dialysis machine. It is recommended that for anybody on dialysis, you're supposed to have 3 rounds of dialysis every week. Now let's say that one session of dialysis is GHS1,000.

This means that for every week, you need GHS3,000. Every month, you need about GHS12,000. Let's not calculate for a year. So for now, what we can help ourselves with is to take very good care of our kidneys. 

Now how do we do that? 

1. Number one, water, water, water. 

The recommended amount of water for every adult in a day is 3 liters. Make sure that every morning, you complete 1 liter. 

In the afternoon, 1 liter. And in the evening, 1 liter. Don't wait to be thirsty before you start taking water. Water is one of the cheapest ways to take care of your kidneys. 

2. Number two, medication. 

I'm not just talking about recreational medications like weed, cocaine, all of that. I'm talking about the medications we purchase every day. You see medications in Trotro, you are buying along the roadside, in the market, everywhere, without any professional advice. 

Even some of these orthodox medications can be very harmful to your kidneys. That is why every time, we are admonishing you to only take medications when you need them. 

3. Number three, and this most of you may not like, salt and artificial spices. 

We put too much salt and artificial spices in our food in an attempt to make our food taste nice. So your taste buds may be enjoying, but your kidney is suffering. You might actually be killing yourself and your family. 

And please, please, and please, stay healthy out there. Because right now, it is very expensive to be sick.

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